Shia Match Marriage Bureau

Shia Match Marriage Bureaus is a matchmaking bureau in India, designed to bring to you a number of choices in selecting a life partner. We have put the power to choose back in the hands of the individuals who want to marry. Whether it is for you or you are registering on behalf of your children/siblings, we invite you to browse through the largest directory of candidates seeking rishta in India.

About Us

Shia Match Marriage Bureau is an exclusive Matrimony Portal for the Indians Ultimately; our main mission is to assist you to meet your perfect match.

Shia Marriage bureau is a highly selective and personalized marriage bureau for Shia men and women. The matchmaking services are conducted by one to one introductions for single Shia looking for long term relationships.

It is a proven fact that marriages within the community are happier and more stable. Married couples feel more comfortable in common social and cultural environments and are able to jointly celebrate traditions and values that were part of their upbringing.

Shia marriage bureau is an exclusive matrimony portal catering to the special matrimonial needs of the Indian community across the globe. The portal offers several benefits to its members, primary being the pleasure of searching for a life partner within one's own community from across the globe at the click of a mouse. Shia Match Marriage Bureau is powered by innovative tools and cutting-edge technologies to provide the best search experience for its users.

For Indians who value tradition and are passionate about their roots, this portal will help them connect with a partner from their community irrespective of whether they are from the same city or several thousand miles away, across continents.

Match Making Process

We follow a three step process
Match Making and selection

Bio-Data Registration

In order to have a higher success rate of searching a suitable partner, the bio-data of the person has to be registered in our records. Thereby with the number of profiles registered with us, the Shia Match Marriage Bureau will be able to filter out the best possible partner.

Free Membership:
One Month

Gold Membership:
1,000 Rs. Valid for Two Months

Premium Membership:
2,000 Rs. Valid for Six Months

Fixing Appointment

Appointment will be fixed with the person and his/her parents. Basic details of the Person is required. The person shall be screened with details and the kind of match they prefer. Based upon the requirements our team shall work on the request and find suitable options.

Free Membership:
1 Match only

Gold Membership:
Maximum to 5 Matches

Premium Membership:
Maximum to 15 Matches

Meeting the Match

After selecting the match. The request shall be forwarded to the partner requesting for a meeting. After their approval a meeting shall be arranged and organized. During this phase, both the match seekers can meet and learn about themselves and their families in more details.

Free Membership:
No Meetings

Gold Membership:
Face to Face Meetings arranged

Premium Membership:
Face to Face Meetings arranged

Our Videos

List of videos compiled with details of our match making process and user comments


Team highly qualified experts

Mr. Abbas Ali Khan

CO Founder

Mrs. Abbas Ali Khan

Match making Expert

Mr. Taher Ali Khan

Marketing Manager


    Firstly, we are very much thankful to Shia Match Marriage Bureau to provide us a platform where we could meet a special person we are looking for. First, we impressed with each other’s profile. Thanks to Shia Match Marriage Bureau for recommending suitable profiles to me. Next, we started talking and realized that we are made for each other. We recommend people to subscribe to Shia Match Marriage Bureau because I started getting much better suggestions after I paid membership for 3 months. I believe that 3 to 6 months subscription would be more than enough to find your better half. However. As per my experience, results on Shia Match Marriage Bureau were much better than that of other matrimonial websites. Thanks again to Shia Match Marriage Bureau team for helping me to find my better half.


    I want to thanks Shia Match Marriage Bureau for providing good service. I have met my partner here. Site has good and precise filter to find your desire partner. After chat interaction we had decided to meet, during meeting we found the most similarities between lifestyle and nature which we were looking for. Later meetings we have involved families to make it official. Now we are happy together. Thanks Again


    Thank you Shia Match Marriage Bureau, I found my life partner through your match making Team

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